Saturday, September 24, 9707

Welcome to Legends of Johar!

The 'Land of Johar' has produced many great and extraordinary people who have shown their talents and feats in all walk of life! From the early history of Johar, the 'Shaukas' have made many contributions in the development of our region and the nation.

This small community with a population of about 15,000 has given 04 Padma Shri Award recipients to the nation. It shows the liveliness, endurance, sense of responsibility, and the feeling of nationalism of this community! This blog "Legends of Johar" is a small tribute to all those legendary people from the Johar Valley who has made us proud to be a Shauka!

Jai Bharat! Jai Johar!


  1. I hope you will keep writing more along the same lines. I think it's fascinating. And well written.

  2. @Dan: first of all, thanks for your visit & liking this blog! it's really a pleasure for us that even people beyond our community are also interested & enjoying these articles! due to my busy routine, i'm unable to update this blog in a regular mannner....but still i'll try my best! :)

  3. People have attempted death before dignity. This dignity is passed on from generation to generation or even ages after.

    This blog depicts a fine example of underrstanding of dignity. There are media references like, Vimeo, and other media portals which are accessible world over and disseminate the feelngs of humankind which is the only species possessing justifiable dignity.

    This blog effort, hence is really comendable.